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Fitness Training Etiquette

Welcome to Pure Fitness.

We endeavour to provide all cardholders and guests with a rewarding training experience. We ask all of our Cardholders and guests to also do the same for one another by following a few simple etiquette rules:

- Wear appropriate clothing during exercise. Except when participating in yoga classes, chest area must be covered and no torn clothing is permitted.

- Use proper athletic footwear in the Strength, Group Exercise and Cardio training areas. Going barefoot, wearing socks only (no shoes), open toe and non-athletic shoes are not allowed in these areas for safety and hygienic reasons. Shoes are not required when participating in certain classes (ex: Yoga, Pole dancing, Mat Pilates, etc.) and while using the boxing area. We also recommend you wear proper footwear for each class whenever possible, such as cycling shoes, platform shoes or boxing shoes. These can enhance the comfort and enjoyment of your training.

- Please keep equipment clean and hygienic - always use a towel and please wipe away excess sweat once you have finished.

- Please keep the training area as organised and safe as possible - always put away all equipment once you have finished using it. If you need assistance, please contact a member of the Fitness Department.

- Please help create a supportive environment. We encourage you to share equipment between sets so everyone has an equal opportunity to use our equipment.

- Please lower your weights with care and never drop them for safety reasons.

- Please make sure you understand proper and safe use of any equipment or activity you engage in. Exercise carries inherent risks and we strive to ensure a safe environment. Ask a Personal Trainer if you are uncertain of the proper function or operation of any equipment.

- When attending Group Fitness classes, please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time, and inform the instructor if you are new, pregnant, or have any health conditions that may be affected by participating in that class. In the interest of your own and other Cardholder's safety, you may not be permitted to enter a class once it has commenced.

- Please be mindful of others when using your mobile devices or in conversation in the fitness centre. We ask that our Cardholders be respectful of each other to help create a positive training environment.

If you have any comments or suggestions on how we can make Pure Fitness a more enjoyable and rewarding training environment, we would appreciate your feedback. We encourage you to complete a Cardholder Comment Card, or feel free to contact me directly by e-mail via marco.ferdinandi@pure-fitness.com.

Yours in health and fitness,

Marco Ferdinandi
Regional Fitness Operations Director

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Think About

Remember to warm up and cool down
Warming up and cooling down is important, they help increase flexibility and also decrease next day soreness.

Avoid processed sugars
Try to avoid 'white' sugars, which include table sugar, bread, pasta and rice, as these do not contain any valuable nutrients.