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Pure South - The Pulse

With a stunning view of Repulse Bay and limitless options for outdoor activities, Pure South at the Pulse has everything you need to see the results you’ve always wanted.
14,000 sq ft
Spacious yoga and group fitness studios offering nearly 100 classes combined every week
Aerial Yoga and Wall Rope Yoga
Special group fitness classes like Spartan Training, Handstands and Mobility
Pure Lifestyle Coaching to guide you in making better choices in training, nutrition and general well-being
Gymnastic movement training with world-class Erhard® equipment
Full free weight training area with Olympic Platform, Kettlebell and a range of accessories
Balanced cardio selection with traditional and progressive choices including Assault Bikes
30-metre track for strength, speed and movement training
Dedicated boxing and kickboxing zone
Private yoga studio for personalised programmes
Personalised training programmes by an international team of PTA Global-certified personal trainers
nood food juice bar providing your favourite organic, ready-to-go refreshments, superfood smoothies, cold-pressed juices and raw food including fresh, whole young coconuts
Active yoga wear from Pure Apparel
Tablet and phone chargers for Cardholders
Complimentary workout gear, towels and toiletries

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Contact Info
Level 1
The Pulse
28 Beach Road
Repulse Bay
Hong Kong
T+852 8200 0908
F+852 2250 5440

Opening Hours
Monday - Saturday
7am - 11pm

Sunday & Public holidays
8am - 10pm

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