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Class Summary

Date: 15th Dec 2018
Time: 11:10 am
Duration: 50 minutes
Class type: RPM™
Class description: RPM is a Les Mills indoor cycling programme with pre-choreographed routine set to music. This mixed-terrain, mixed-interval programme helps to develop cardiovascular capacity with the potential to burn up to 900 calories in one 50-minute session. Known to devotees as “the rock concert on wheels,” RPM incorporates the best of pre-set cycling choreography together with great music. It provides a fast improvement in general cardio endurance and lower-body strength. New releases of RPM (with playlists) are launched once a quarter. Open to all levels.
Class level: All levels


Born in Christchurch, New Zealand, Sue moved to Hong Kong in 2010 from Sydney, Australia. Sue is a self-confessed fitness junkie and as an avid runner, she was introduced to Group Fitness in 2006 after injury forced her to cut down on her mileage. She has never looked back. Inspired by some of the best trainers in the industry, she aims to pass on the same energy and passion in her classes. "Instructors are in the very privileged position of making a positive difference to people's lives".

Sue is currently working as an investment banker in Hong Kong.

Qualification Highlights
• Bachelors degree - First Class Honours in Economics and Business
• Les Mills Certified RPM Instructor

Personal Interests
Running, Hot Yoga, sports science, travel, quality time with friends and family.

Training Philosophy
Time is precious. So in training - and in life - don't just go through the motions! Have passion and purpose for whatever you do.

View this week's schedule for Sue at:

ifc mall
Kinwick Centre

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