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27.03.13 Pure Personal Training – Why now is the right time to start.

Pure Personal Training – Why now is the right time to start.

There are many challenges that can derail us from a regular exercise routine. Even when we do we can reach a plateau, lose motivation or become bored with our routines. For many of us, it is enough of a challenge just getting to a workout or finding the motivation to start. Pure Fitness offers many ways to combat these challenges with innovative facilities and classes, convenient locations and workout gear to make it easy. However, there may be something missing you haven't considered - the great value of Pure Personal Training.

Personal Training is one of the most common ways to get results and enjoy training. The prime reason is that it works. Ball State University in Indiana compared two groups of exercisers using identical training programmes (JSSM, 2003) in a research study looking at Personal Training. The control group followed the identical programme as the Personal Training group. The Personal Training group showed an average gain of 32% greater upper body strength and 47% greater lower body strength. Personal Training enhances all the benefits of exercise, tailors it to your specific needs and increases your motivation and ability to make lasting lifestyle changes for your health and happiness.

Pure Personal Training is dedicated to building winning relationships for positive results. We believe the first step towards any goal is having a focused mind and positive environment of support. We strive to provide this to you through our PT programme by focusing on 3 key areas: Structure, Guidance and Feedback. While physical changes ultimately come as a result of your efforts, Pure Personal Trainers are experienced leaders who can guide, push, coach and support you with proven methods and education.

Our combination of Structure, Guidance and Feedback are the foundation behind our successful PT Team. We understand the importance of providing you with a clear path to success, course corrections along the way and milestones to gauge your success and keep you motivated. Pure Personal Training focuses on all three critical aspects for positive growth and achievement, for anyone.

The Pure Methodology provides a sound structure, with a focus on Energy Systems, Strength /Power and Movement training. We follow universal principles of positive coaching and self-actualization to provide Guidance. Essential feedback comes from the regular checks on your progress from high tech testing such as Inbody to experienced postural assessments and movement screens. The positive results can be seen in our long list of client successes. That is our motivation to be better.

Now is the time to try Pure Personal Training if you haven't already. Set aside any doubts, fears or obstacles to exercise. You can achieve your goals. You are capable of making a life-long change or overcoming the next hurdle in front of you.
You decide, we guide and we look forward to working with you.

For enquiries, please contact:

Marco Ferdinandi, Regional Fitness Operations Director

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